PWG proud to host 2nd LOVE Walk. Stop violence against women, children, and everyone. #theLoveWalkWorld

On Wednesday, October 11, 2017, Parkdale Walking Group was proud to host it’s 2nd LOVE Walk on a refreshing fall afternoon.

(Scroll down to check out other LOVE Walks in Ontario and Europe).

Upon gathering, Althea Knight lead the group through a mindfulness practice focused on love.

Using the ‘globe’ (outside Parkdale Library) as a symbol, we focused and sent “love’ from us to everyone.

With posters and information cards* in hand, we walked silently westward on Queen Street West towards Jameson Avenue.

#theLoveWalkWorld is a silent mindful walk where love is the focus. As we walk we are sending out thoughts of peace, joy, safety, and love to all women and children affected by violence.

We continued south on Jameson Avenue towards Lake Ontario.

Crossing over the rail lines and The Gardiner Expressway, we can start to see our destination.

Upon arrival at a quite spot along the shore of Lake Ontario, Althea provided everyone an opportunity to write messages of support and love to create a banner.


We continue by sharing ‘how did you feel’ and ‘what does this mean for you’. We learned a new “love based” handshake, and gave symbols of peace.



We thank the Parkdale Library for sharing The LOVE Walk banner message of LOVE, Joy and Safety, for all women and children, and everyone.


Photo’s: Robert Huff and Althea Knight

LOVE Walks in Ontario and Europe

Toronto, Ontario
Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants: OCASI

OCASI LOVE Walk2 Oct11 2017OCASI LOVE Walk Oct 11, 2017

Newmarket, Ontario
What a powerful experience.


Ottawa, Ontario
First we want to thank Althea for all the work she put into creating and promoting the Love Walk and you, Sidrah, for helping make it available for us to use.

Paty, Nathi and I met on October 11th for our Ottawa Love Walk. Although we were the only attendees, Paty led us through a beautifully calming and thoughtful meditation that she translated from the text Althea provided.

We started our walk at the Abused and Murdered Women’s Memorial at Minto Park then walked down the Ottawa canal to the Somerset bridge that is home to hundreds of “love locks”. As we walked we engaged with onlookers by explaining what we were doing and spreading the Love Walk message of peace, love, and safety.

We finished our walk full of love, contentment and resolve to keep fighting against VAW.

Thank you!
Gisell, Paty, and Nathalí

Ottawa LOVE Walk Oct 11, 2017dOttawa LOVE Walk, Oct 1 2017Ottawa LOVE Walk, Oct 11, 2017b

Guelph, Ontario
It’s such a great movement.

Solo Love Walker in Guelph_edit

Turin, Italy
Congratulations on this beautiful initiative. This was our effort today. My orange sign was in Paris, so this is makeshift. Loads of loving thoughts in the air!
Vic and Nic


Dubrovnik, Croatia
We walked along with you in love on October 11 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
(image not available)

What is The LOVE Walk?

The LOVE Walk is a social change initiative, created and founded by Althea Knight, to promote peace, joy and safety for all women and children (and everyone), while raising awareness and increasing bystander intervention and support, for women and children who are experiencing violence.

*Information cards on how to recognize, support, and share resources if you suspect someone is experiencing violence at home have been shared with:

Parkdale Community Information Centre
Parkdale Community Legal Services
Parkdale Community Health Centre (via Jeffrey)

You can host your very own “LOVE Walk” in your community!
By following these principals and guidelines (and with our hashtag #theLoveWalkWorld ) you become part of a larger worldwide movement.

Parkdale Walking Group provides theme based guided mindfulness walks in Parkdale (and surrounding area) of Toronto, Ontario. Please email or contact us directly for accessibility details – everyone is welcome, including pets.

Your invited! – Join us on our next walks:

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 – meet at 10:45am
Departing at 11:00am from the ‘globe’, outside Parkdale Library, 1303 Queen Street West

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 – meet at 10:45am
Departing at 11:00am from the ‘globe’ outside Parkdale Library, 1303 Queen Street West


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